Who are the LOCOP?

The best information available is that the LOCOP originally was established as an organized order in the late 1950’s in the State of New York.

LOCOP exists in several PHA Jurisdictions, but until 2004 it only functioned on a stated level. After that time, a General Grand Conference was established, creating a national governing body of the organization. The seven founding jurisdictions were New York, Washington DD, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

Prince Hall Grand Courts LOCOP

  • Alabama                                               Illinois                                                   Ohio
  • Bahamas                                              Maryland                                               Pennsylvania
  • California/Hawaii                              Mississippi                                            Tennessee
  • District of Columbia                          New Jersey                                            Virginia
  • Florida                                                  New York                                               Louisiana
  • Georgia                                                 North Carolina

Lillian E. Blake Royal Grand Courts

Geraldine McKiney Court No. 1- Atlanta, Ga

Marie B. Cooper Court No. 2- Macon, Ga

George F. Patton Court No. 3- Savannah, Ga

Billie J. Mitchell Court No. 7- Augusta, Ga

Makeda Court No. 8- Griffin, Ga

Naomi Court No. 9- Musella, Ga



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