Mission and Values


The Royal & Select Masonry is a relevant and respected part of the Prince Hall Masonic and York Rite Bodies in the State of Georgia. We are committed to improvement by Crypt Masonry to further improve ourselves ethically and morally.
To empower the Royal & Select Council to effectively communicate with Ancient Craft and Crypt Rite Masonry so all Master Masons will seek to become a York Rite Mason.


Our Vision and Values


Royal and Select Masters are committed to the improvement of Masonic knowledge and education. We are very zealous for more knowledge and are in full support of the York Rite bodies of Georgia. Royal and Select Masters will guard their heritage, by making a commitment to the unity of York Rite Masonry and to build stronger and more effective organizations in the state of Georgia. The Royal and Select Masters are committed to attracting and retaining men of high quality who are striving for self-improvement and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.


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