Royal and Select Master Degrees

   The Councils of Royal & Select Master is the newer body in the York Rite system and serves to make a smooth transition from the Royal Arch Degrees to the Knights Templar Degrees the Council confers three degrees which are called the (Cryptic Degrees). Here we take another step into your Masonic education and Progress to the Council of Royal and Select Master known As Cryptic Masonry or the Purple house. The Council Degrees are largely an elaboration and explanation of the Royal Arch degree and, to a lesser extent, the Master Mason Degree. The degrees of the Council of Royal and Select Masons are necessary to fully complete your education in Ancient Craft Masonry. The degrees of our Masonic system are not chronologically arranged and in the degrees of Royal and Select Master, which many believe, are the most beautiful and impressive of all, you learn of additional incidents in the building of the first temple. During these degrees you represent the Master Builder, Hiram Abiff, and learn why the word was lost and the secret of its preservation and recovery.

Royal Master

The Degree of Royal Master explains many of the symbols of Freemasonry using an incident which occurred during the building of the Temple. It teaches the great lesson of living right and the building here on earth of that superstructure necessary for erection of our spiritual temple. And takes you back to the day before the death of the Builder, who once again is the Central character, as he was in the Master Mason Degree

Select Master

The Degree of Select Master imparts knowledge which assists in the proper understanding of the story of Freemasonry. It teaches the lesson of overlooking the failings of those who through ignorance or curiosity may often exceed the bounds of propriety also predates the Master Mason Degree and relates events, which occurred during the building of the first Temple.

Super Excellent Master

The Degree of Super Excellent Master is most dramatic and impressive. It requires a large cast of characters and constitutes the perfect drama exemplifying one of the most tragic events in history while teaching the great lesson of fidelity. While the events occur many centuries ago, the lessons portrayed are essential in the present age Degree deals with the destruction of Jerusalem and teaches a lesson in fidelity.

I hope the Cryptic Degree and this brief history detail of the Royal & Select Master that you have received will stimulate your interest sufficiently for you to want to pursue further advancement into the Royal & Select Master.


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