Lillian E. Blake Royal Grand Court

Ladies of the Circle of Perfection

Jurisdiction of Georgia, PHA


   Ladies of the Circle of Perfection (LOCOP) is the Ladies Auxiliary of HR Butler Grand Council of Royal and Select Master Masons, PHA, Jurisdiction of Georgia. The Georgia Jurisdiction was established in July 2008 in Macon, GA under the leadership of John A. Robinson, Sr. Grand Thrice Illustrious Master, GA and the Jurisdiction of North Carolina.

   The Order of Ladies of the Circle of Perfection was founded upon the teaching of the Holy Bible and is emphasized in every aspect of those teachings.

    The objectives of the Lillian E. Blake Royal Grand Court, Ladies of the Circle of Perfection is to further enhance and promote fraternal relationships, provide educational assistance to deserving students, and to participate in charitable and benevolent opportunities.

    Female members of the Order of the Eastern Star and the Heroines of Jericho as well as the members of the Royal & Select Masters are candidates to be received into this beautiful York Rite Order.

Basis of LOCOP

   The degree is based on the Old Testament lessons and is almost a continuation of the Adoptive Rite Story with a twist. Many of the characters of the Adoptive Rite appear seeking admission, but things must be proven before admission and acceptance is gained.  It was intended to complete the Circle of the Old Testament part of the York Rite, Genesis Chapter 3 and Joshua 1 Chapter 6, and Esther Chapter 11.

   In LOCOP members receive the Royal Inheritance that the members of the Eastern Star were sacrificed for as they gave their lives on behalf of the men of their lives. The father, Deceased husbands, living husbands, brothers, and sons to secure the family lineage.

   LOCOP members receive the Royal Inheritance that the Heroines of Jericho were promised who left their livelihood, sacrifices for the family and personal comfort. Mary followed her brother, Ruth followed her Mother-in-Law, (deceased husband) and Rahab followed after God’s will with the children of Israel.

   LOCOP members have been given the vision to see what future generations would endure if they did not walk in the way of their forefathers in the Order of the Cyrenes and Heroines of the Templars Crusade. LOCOP brings the beginning to the end and resides in the middle of it all. (Author: LaMichael Eddie)



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